Real Estate Solutions


Real estate opportunities today are difficult to find in Hungary too. Instead, they must be created!

Opportunities rarely become available through the traditional real estate brokerage process. As such, we are involved daily in the commercial real estate community, leveraging our network, market knowledge using our financial, design and technical expertise to uncover viable developments or investments in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


Tax, Legal, Financial Services
We’ll also connect you with banks, valuators, legal advisers, and tax advisors, making the whole purchasing or selling process as trouble-free and as tax-efficient as possible.


Investments – hospitality and commercial office sectors
We assist domestic and international Clients engaged in buying, selling, investing in, or developing real estate in the hospitality and commercial office sectors. We research and offer target investments based on the given attributes of a potential investing situation. These attributes may include location, price, development potential, internal rate of return, potential operating leverage including repositioning and/or redevelopment of underperforming assets in the hospitality and commercial office sectors.

Design & Project Management

We manage the design and construction of real estate projects from beginning to end, handling every detail on your behalf. Our project managers are trained to achieve the best possible outcomes in terms of quality, time, cost and safety.