Office Design & Project Management


We develop cost-effective, high-quality, award-winning offices to support HR recruitment and retention. We provide and supervise the overall planning, tendering and fit-out works until turn-key handover.

  • Each phase are cost-effective, measurable, and of the highest quality
  • Clients save money and time
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To develop a cost effective, quality design office to support HR recruitment and retention.


General Office Design & Project Management (Design, Tender, Procurement, Construction Supervision)


Concept design with 3D, Execution plans, Build-out Tender, Procurement, Construction Supervision, End of Defects As our Clients’ representative and local project manager, Stay In Hungary Ltd manages the overall buildout from initial planning to end of defects with an eye towards overall quality, time and budget.


We develop layout plans, design concepts, 3D visual plans, collect samples, produce mockups and collect prices to have a good common understanding of expected overall look and feel, quality level and costs.

EXECUTION PLANS (architecture, M&E, interior design, sustainability)

Based on approved concept plans, we manage and supervise architectural, mechanical, electrical, interior design with IT & AV integration, security and LEED planning to generate precise execution plans, bill of materials and bill of quantities for tendering purposes.


We invite reliable general contractors, organize Q&A sessions with designers, collect and evaluate quotes to compare apples to apples, and assist in the Construction agreement signing.

Landlords prefer build-outs done by preferred vendors without any competition and on a “standard” level that hardly meets foreign standards. Requested extras are in many cases overpriced, and require additional unexpected funding from Tenants. Stay In Hungary Ltd, in agreement with Clients, usually requests full crediting of the fit-out contribution to Clients to use this funding towards proper planning and tendering, high-quality build-out at lower unit cost / sqm (sqfeet). The difference will remain with the Client to use it towards an office grand opening party, PR or HR recruitment as they wish.


A significant amount of money can be saved by ordering products directly from factories, wholesalers and distributors. Instead of letting the general contractor or the Landlord manage price negotiations and ordering for certain products, Stay In Hungary Ltd can manage direct procurements on our Clients’ behalf for furniture, lights, carpet, glass walls, millwork, etc. We manage vendor selection, price negotiations, contracting, contracting, and invoicing, and we assist in Clients’ cash-flow management, on time delivery, quality control and handovers, and performance certificate signage.


Whether build-out is done by the Landlord based „open book policy” or by the tender winning team, Stay In Hungary Ltd along with designers, cost and quality controllers can supervise the construction to ensure the specified and quoted products are used, and the build-out is implemented according to plans. We take note of changes that might lead to change orders, collect and review documentations necessary for permits and approvals requested by the Landlord, authorities or third party.


We believe in intelligent, expressive, sustainable and inspiring office design, that shapes a company’s identity. Harmonious design choices generate positive energy and creative thinking, while also promoting accountability and responsibility. Office design should create and naturally link teams, optimize processes and paths of communication, and help individuals and teams do their jobs with maximum comfort and efficiency.

For Generation Y employees, a comfortable work environment comes third in importance after salary and career. The design and layout of the workplace make a significant difference in employee recruitment and retention, turnover costs, corporate culture, employee health and well-being, productivity, and consequently, profit. For Shared Service Centers an inspiring work environment is very critical, since they face the largest employee turnover rate in the service industry sector. We prefer custom made interior design units over catalogue shopping. Our designers often involve young contemporary Hungarian artists including sculptors, painters, textile designers, carpenters, ceramic artists, etc in our projects to create unique solutions, give a local touch, save on costs, and support small domestic businesses. Planning and build-out implementation steps.

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