Founded in 2007, Stay In Hungary Ltd., is an independent real estate consulting, design and project management firm providing overall office lease, design and market launch related services for multinational corporations planning to relocate or establish operations in Hungary.

We represent and support our Clients in office space searches, budgeting, lease negotiations, overall design, concept and execution planning, fit out tendering and supervision, turn-key office handover and beyond, all the way through to an office grand opening event and PR campaign tailored to support HR recruitment and brand building.

By bringing these key project phases under Stay In Hungary Ltd’s roof, our Clients save money, time, and energy while receiving a cost-effective, high quality design office that supports HR recruitment and retention. Our results in each phase are cost-effective, measurable, and of the highest quality.

We work for Clients for 1 year on average, and we only take on 2-3 Clients per year in order to guarantee maximum precision in all of our services. Our strengths lie in our local market expertise, strong networking strategies, professional integrity, personal dedication and enthusiasm.

Office Lease & Tenant Representation

phase 1

We provide true Tenant Representation services for our selected Clients. Our goal is to find the right space, sign the lease with the best terms possible, and implement design offices to support brand building, HR recruitment and retention. Details

Office Design & Project Management

phase 2

We provide and manage concept & execution planning, value-engineering, tendering, procurement, and construction supervision until turn-key handover. In short, overall time, cost and quality control to implement cost effective design and award winning offices. Details

Market Launch & Recruitment

phase 3

We plan, host and execute our Clients' Office Grand Opening Party and Press Conference as the focal point of a PR campaign to raise public awareness, support brand building, and hire staff cost effectively. Details


phase 1

OUR GOAL:Find the right space to design a great place to work and to support HR recruitment, sign lease with best possible terms and keep cost control in the hands of our Clients, not the Lessor.

OUR ROLE:Tenant Representation & Project Management (Overall planning & execution)


Search of A+ category office space, test fits

After determining our Client’s needs, we identify, evaluate, and suggest appropriate temporary and permanent office space options, and provide cost-calculations and test-fits. Our selection criterias. Details.

Budgetting, cost planning (expected capital investment, effective rent for a given lease term)

Property costs are typically the second largest cost pool after personnel costs in the service and knowledge-based industries thus cost planning is critical. We provide Clients with a 5-year cost plan to build and run the new offices covering expected capital investments, annual and monthly recurring costs including architectural, mechanical, electrical, interior design, IT, AV, fire safety and security related design, build-out and post-occupancy costs.

Providing info on government subsidies

We provide information about government subsidies available to investment projects, SSC and R&D investment projects in Hungary. In cooperation with our partners we can provide information on the Hungarian investment, legal, tax and financial environments to help our Clients’ budgetting.

Lease negotiation and contract finalization to reduce any possible risks

  • Once an investment decision has been made, we can assist in lease negotiations to reach the best deal possible incorporating Phase 2, the build-out. As an independent firm, unlike some large real estate agencies, we are not committed to any office buildings / property developers, so we select from a larger pool of properties, and provide true Client Representation services for our Clients.
  • We request proper build-out tender based on execution plans, a bill of materials and a bill of quantities to save on standard and non-standard build-out components. Property owners prefer build-outs to be carried out by their preferred vendors without competition.
  • Standard fit-out hardly meets foreign standards, but any upgrade considered as “extra, non-standard” is in many cases overpriced, and requires additional, unexpected funding from Tenants.
  • In most cases, in agreement with Clients, Stay In Hungary Ltd requests full crediting of the fit-out contribution to be used towards finance planning and tendering a high-quality build-out at a competitive price.
  • In the lease agreement, we reserve the right to manage direct orders from wholesalers and factories to save on interior design materials including glass walls, carpet, lighting, cabling, etc.
  • Client needs, preferences and budget
  • Location, access to transportation, visibility
  • Amount of natural sunlight, access to terrace or green areas
  • In-house services/amenities
  • Possibility for expansion
  • Occupancy ratio and other tenants
  • Dedication and attitude of the Landlord and its management team
  • Property and infrastructure including building operating systems


Phase 2

OUR GOAL:To develop a cost effective, quality design office to support HR recruitment and retention.

OUR ROLE:Overall Design & Project Management (Overall time, budget, quality planning & execution)

SERVICES:We provide and manage concept & execution planning, value-engineering, tendering, procurement, and construction supervision until turn-key handover. In short, overall time, cost and quality control to implement cost effective design and award winning offices.


Concept design with 3D visuals

  • 3D: We develop layout plans, design concepts, 3D visual plans, collect samples, produce mockups and collect prices to have a good common understanding of expected overall look and feel, quality level and costs.
  • Our design philisophy: We believe in intelligent, expressive, sustainable and inspiring office design, that shapes a company’s identity. Harmonious design choices generate positive energy and creative thinking, while also promoting accountability and responsibility. Office design should create and naturally link teams, optimize processes and paths of communication, and help individuals and teams do their jobs with maximum comfort and efficiency.
  • For Generation Y employees, a comfortable work environment comes third in importance after salary and career. The design and layout of the workplace make a significant difference in employee recruitment and retention, turnover costs, corporate culture, employee health and well-being, productivity, and consequently, profit. For Shared Service Centers an inspiring work environment is very critical, since they face the largest employee turnover rate in the service industry sector.
  • Young Hungarian artists: We prefer custom made interior design units over catalogue shopping. Our designers often involve young contemporary Hungarian artists including sculptors, painters, textile designers, carpenters, ceramic artists, etc in our projects to create unique solutions, give a local touch, save on costs, and support small domestic businesses.
  • Planning and build-out implementation steps. Details.

Execution plans (architecture, M&E, interior design, sustainability)

  • Based on approved concept plans, we organize, manage and supervise architectural, mechanical, electrical, interior design with IT & AV integration, security and LEED/BREEAM planning to generate precise execution plans, bill of materials and bill of quantities for tendering purposes.

Build-out tender

  • We invite reliable general contractors, organize Q&A sessions with designers, collect and evaluate quotes to compare apples to apples, and assist in the Construction agreement signing. Landlords prefer build-outs done by preferred vendors without any competition and on a “standard” level that hardly meets foreign standards. Requested extras are in many cases overpriced, and require additional unexpected funding from Tenants. Stay In Hungary Ltd, in agreement with Clients, usually requests full crediting of the fit-out contribution to Clients to use this funding towards proper planning and tendering, high-quality build-out at lower unit cost / sqm (sqfeet). The difference will remain with the Client to use it towards an office grand opening party, PR or HR recruitment as they wish.

Procurement of direct order management from factories and wholesallers to save

  • A significant amount of money can be saved by ordering products directly from factories, wholesalers and distributors. Instead of letting the general contractor or the Landlord manage price negotiations and ordering for certain products, Stay In Hungary Kft can manage direct procurements on our Clients’ behalf for furniture, lights, carpet, glass walls, millwork, etc. We manage vendor selection, price negotiations, contracting, contracting, and invoicing, and we assist in Clients’ cash-flow management, on time delivery, quality control and handovers, and performance certificate signage.

Construction supervision, cost and quality control

  • Whether build-out is done by the Landlord based „open book policy” or by the tender winning team, Stay In Hungary Ltd along with designers, cost and quality controllers can supervise the construction to ensure the specified and quoted products are used, and the build-out is implemented according to plans. We take note of changes that might lead to change orders, collect and review documentations necessary for permits and approvals requested by the Landlord, authorities or third party.
  • Step 1. Consultations with Stay In Hungary Ltd to understand and determine your needs, vision, exchange ideas, budget and timeline. Contracting.
  • Step 2. Appraisal to get to know your business and people. We analyze your current and future corporate structure, processes and paths of communication, nature of tasks, working style, corporate culture, management attitude, and the characteristics of your employee target group.
  • Step 3. Property search, site and cost evaluations: assessing proposed buildings, available space options, technical characteristics and numbers to ensure compliance with requirements.
  • Step 4. Test fit drawings: understanding how everything will fit in the space incorporating social & environmental concerns, operational and technical workplace needs and potential future growth.
  • Step 5. Interior design concepts using 3D – This gives you a real feel and flavor of your future office design options with desired image projection to employees, Clients or shareholders
  • Step 6. Selection of preferred design concept.
  • Step 7. Execution planning: overall architectural, mechanical, electrical and interior design planning with IT, AV, security, fire safety and LEED integration for tendering purposes including but not limited to
    • the density in open plan areas, conference rooms, which may require additional ventilation and heating/cooling
    • IT, telephony, AV, security, digital signage system, Voice-over IP, server cooling, uninterrupted power supply, standby power generation and electronic authentication system needs
    • lighting requirements, all design and art elements, acoustics and static reinforcements, building façade, company sign, etc.
  • Step 8. General contractor tendering, selection, negotiation, and contracting.
  • Step 9. Start of ordering products directly from factories, wholesalers and distributors.
  • Step 10. Start of fit-out/construction.
  • Step 11. Technical handover, corrections
  • Step 12. Furniture and decoration arrangement, IT work, cleaning
  • Step 13. Office handover
  • Step 14. Pop the champagne


Phase 3


OUR GOAL:Find employees cost effectively and build brand awareness

OUR ROLE:Design & Project Management & General Contractor (Overall planning & execution)

Stay In Hungary Ltd plans and hosts our Clients’ Office Grand Opening Party and Press Conference as the focal point of a cost-effective, 3-6 month, measurable and monitored PR campaign that integrates online, offline and social media channels (TV, Radio, Press, Web) to raise public awareness, create a positive company image and direct attention to a new, local website equipped with attractive office photos, video messages, open job descriptions, application forms, and our database building and candidate screening tools in order to select and hire candidates cost effectively, and save on recruitment agency fees.

PR campaign

  • In our PR campaigns, we invite non-competing project participants including vendors, our Client, ourselves, the Landlord, the Hungarian Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, and third party interest groups to contribute to a joint, well-targeted and cost-effective PR campaign for wide media exposure and shared costs. For 1 unit of media contribution, each campaign participant gets multiple units of media exposure based on the number of contributors. Details.
  • Our goal is not to pay for ads, but rather to create well-written PR articles, stories, interviews and creative content for various relevant online and offline media outlets. The collective general message conveyed would align, while certain sections of the main message would be highlighted, expanded upon, and enriched with photos, videos, web and mobile apps based on the specific nature of the audience of a given channel.

Office Grand Opening event (Press Conference & Opening Party)
As a general contractor, Stay In Hungary Ltd provides Clients with the following services in a package:

  • Design and create printed and digital media packages
  • Invitation cards to selected guests, journalists, VIPs, employees, and PR campaign contributors
  • Catering including appetizers & food, cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Provide and train selected hosts and hostesses, waiters and waitresses, provide all catering equipment
  • Design and plan decoration
  • Technical equipment including microphones, speakers, amplifier, etc.
  • Design/purchase company gifts
  • Provide a DJ and/or a band, video crew, and photographers to capture the Press Conference and Grand Opening
  • Provide high-end projectors, visuals
  • Security
  • Follow up with the guests after events.

Local website development with HR screening tools
As part of the PR campaign, we design and develop our Client’s local website to support brand building and HR goals. We use photos of the new office space, video messages featuring company products, services, values and a message from the managing director to see what he/she is like in order to give potential candidates a feel for the company. We incorporate open job descriptions, application forms and our database building, candidate screening tools and mobile applications in order to select and hire candidates cost effectively, and save on recruitment agency fees.

  • Client is interested in a cost effective PR campaign to secure new employees cost effectively.
  • Landlord is interested in promoting his office building and lease other areas to other tenants. Stay In Hungary Ltd and
  • Suppliers use the project as a reference for future assignments.
  • Recruitment Agencies want to reach potential employees and make commission on referrals.
  • The Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency wants to showcase the Client as a new investor and good example that has selected Hungary out of the neighboring countries to establish a physical presence. All parties have their own interest, and want to benefit from a joint, wide campaign while sharing costs.